Lazy Brownies

Lazy Brownies Recipe - Cashmere & Cocktails

Want to know what I like? Desserts. Want to know what I like even more than desserts? EASY desserts. As much as I love baking, it’s awesome to have a killer dessert recipe in your arsenal that requires very little effort. It’s also nice to have a last-minute, crap-we-have-company-coming-gotta-throw-something-together, option. If this sounds as appealing […]

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Double Chocolate Cookies

Guys, I have a confession to make; I watch a lot of Sesame Street. Like, a lot. Segments like The Letter of the Day and Elmo the Musical keep my baby’s attention like nothing else. Now, before you rip me a new one for childhood screen time and its negative impact on my baby’s development, […]

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Grand Marnier Truffles

Any opportunity I have to combine food with alcohol gets me excited. And I don’t mean this in the drink-a-glass-of-wine-as-I-cook kind of way because that’s a given. What I’m talking about is when alcohol is a pivotal ingredient within a recipe. My partner and I had an adult family function last Friday and I decided […]

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