Parenting a Child with ADHD

Brackley Beach, PEI

For me, parenting a child with ADHD has often felt like trying to tame the ocean. Wild, whirling, at times catastrophic, always beautiful. It will take your breath away with its magnificence but keep your head above water or you’ll drown instead. Its waves will bring you to your knees, it has to power to […]

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Chicken Souvlaki

You know when you’re with someone so much that you can predict the exact words that will come out of their mouth before they even say it? This is what happened when my boyfriend walked in and saw me making Chicken Souvlaki. “You should have used chicken thighs,” he said eyeing the chicken breasts. Living […]

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White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Want to know what I bake when I’m not in the mood to share with the roommates (aka my children)? Cheesecake, that’s what. For reasons I can’t comprehend, the tart and tangy flavours turn their fussy childhood taste buds off. It’s totally ok though. Unlike the endless battle we have over eating their vegetables, I’ve […]

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