Parenting a Child with ADHD

Brackley Beach, PEI

For me, parenting a child with ADHD has often felt like trying to tame the ocean. Wild, whirling, at times catastrophic, always beautiful. It will take your breath away with its magnificence but keep your head above water or you’ll drown instead. Its waves will bring you to your knees, it has to power to erode cliffs after all, yet with time and patience, these waves will transform tiny shards of glass into beach treasures.

It will swallow ships whole.

It will flood villages.

It will nearly fail grade 2.

But on the right day, when the waters are calm and there’s no risk of undertow, it will sing me every single lyric from Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road album because although attention is challenging, it isn’t absent. It will choose to pair with the unpopular kid so that no one in class feels left out. It will forget to tie its shoe laces but will always remember to hug me goodbye.

The ocean gives and takes, but in the end it is always, always, beautiful.


Brackley Beach, PEI

I am not an ADHD expert. These are simply my feelings and personal experiences parenting a child with ADHD. For more information on ADHD, please visit The Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance.

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