New Year’s Eve Dessert Board

New Year's Eve Dessert Board

Celebrate the end of another year with this New Year’s Eve Dessert Board!

I wish I could say that I’m sad to see 2021 end, but that would be a lie. Much like its predecessor, 2021 was an *interesting* one to say the least. With that said, there’s nothing like celebrating the end of a dumpster fire quite like a decadent New Year’s Eve Dessert Board.

The best part? This board requires ZERO baking. I found all of the items at the grocery store. The simplicity of this New Year’s Eve Dessert Board allows you more time to enjoy an extra glass or two of bubbly. This alone makes it worth assembling.

Where To Begin

First and foremost, include items that you enjoy. I know, that sounds dumb, but hear me out. Tasty trumps fancy every time in my book. Your favourite cookies are Oreos? Slap some of those bad boys on there. Chances are that your guests love them too and will be greatful for the Oreo inclusion.

Next, I add variety to your board. Different shapes, colours and textures go a long way when it comes to dessert boards. This will make the board visually appealing.

New Year's Eve Dessert Board


Smorgasbord of Flavour

On top of variety in shape, colour and texture, mix it up with flavours. On this board, I included dark, milk and white chocolate options. I also went with hazelnut wafers, because hello – delicious. The addition of the Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel squares were both for taste and pop of gold. Honestly, whatever you like goes when it comes to a New Year’s Eve Dessert Board.

I like to buy cookie boxes and add my favourites to the boards too. If you have some homemade cookies stashed away from the holidays, even better!

New Year's Eve Dessert Board

Put It All Together

I love assembling a board. There’s something theraputic about seeing it all come together. I went for a round marble board in this case, however any vessel you have works. I recently recreated a smaller version of this New Year’s Eve Dessert Board to visit a friend, and assembled it on a small rectangular cheese board. So yeah, anything goes really.


And it’s that simple! Within minutes, you can throw together a decadent dessert board for your next New Year’s Eve celebration.

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