Foodtography School Review

Here you have it folks: my honest Foodtography School review. If you’re a food blogger or aspiring food photographer, keep reading.

How I Found Foodtography School

Ok, let me preface this by saying that when I first dove into the world of food photography, I had over a decade of photography experience under my belt. I had shot portraits, weddings, newborns and travel.  None of this experience had remotely prepared me for food photography. Basically, even though I was comfortable shooting in manual mode, my camera skills didn’t mean jack s#*t. The food still looked flat and unappetizing. I had spent a decent chunk of time desperately scouring YouTube for resources but it wasn’t enough. This was highly disappointing since I had come to realize that I didn’t enjoy photographing people much and I really REALLY loved food. My happy place was my kitchen and I was determined to make it work.

In comes Foodtography School. Maybe it was the universe finally throwing me a bone (or more likely the algorithm picking up on my distress), but I spotted a Facebook ad for a free 1 hour masterclass with Foodtography School and signed up. I figured it was free so there was no harm in attending. Let me say that I gained more clarity in that 1 hour masterclass with Sarah Crawford than I had the entire 6 months prior attempting to learn on my own. It was mind blowing.



Foodtography School: what it is and what it is not

Foodtography School was created by Sarah Crawford, a successful food blogger and photographer based out of the US. It offers several online courses to help aspiring food photographers and bloggers up their food photography game. I took the signature Foodtography School course, so I can only speak to that particular one, however I’ve heard great things about the Advanced Foodtography School course as well.

The course was a great starting point to learn the basics on food photography. It covers topics that you would expect out of a photography course like composition principles, lighting and editing techniques, but it also touching on branding, social media and marketing. These last few points have been crucial in growing my audience and establishing my online presence. Foodtography School has been instrumental in my business, to say the least.

So what DOESN’T Foodtography offer? A magic, instant solution to all of your food photography problems (this Foodtography School review would be a lie if I said otherwise). The thing is, photography takes a lot of practice to master. That’s just the reality of the game. You can follow every course available but if you aren’t dedicating time and energy to the craft then you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Although joining Foodtography School won’t magically make your photography better, did will at least give you the tools to know where to start. After taking the course, I didn’t feel like I was stumbling around in the dark anymore. I had enough guidance and education to begin bettering my photography. So again, I must stress that practice is key but Foodtography School is a great starting point.


The Investment

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the price of the Foodtography School course, I nearly spit out my coffee. Looking back, I realize that the issue wasn’t the price but my mindset. You have to understand: after becoming a mom, I had stopped investing in myself. I had a hard time justifying new socks, let alone a photography course. I severely undervalued myself and couldn’t see the potential the course and food photography could bring. If it weren’t for my spouse’s encouragement, I wouldn’t have made the jump. I feel silly about this now since: 1. the $587 price tag is VERY reasonable considering the amount of valuable material the course provides and 2. I have been able to turn my hobby into a thriving business because of it. Within the first 2 months, I had tripled the $587 investment without much effort. This year, my business hit 5 figures within the first quarter alone. So yeah, Foodtography School was worth every penny.

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Who Should Join Foodtography School?

If you’re a food blogger looking to improve your photography, or someone just starting out in food photography, the Signature Foodtography School course is for you. This being said, if you already have significant photography experience behind your belt and have worked in product or restaurant photography before, then I believe the Advanced Foodtography School course is likely a better fit. Advanced Foodtography School dives into advanced composition techniques, editing and styling. This course requires a prior understanding of Lightroom and camera use, so keep this in mind when making deciding between the two.

While I don’t have a ton of before/after images, trust me when I say that Foodtography School was a total game changer for me. Thinking back to my early images makes me cringe. I know that everyone starts somewhere but OYE.

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What Else Does Foodtography School Offer?

On top of their courses, Foodtography School also offers a variety of templates and guides. I’ve personally used the Foodtography School Brand Pitch Guide numerous times in the past and have seen success with it. They also have several preset bundles available to help you edit your images when you’re first starting out. Recently, Foodtography School added website templates for fellow bloggers in order to create beautiful webpages and they are stunning!

You can use the code CASHMERE for 15% off all templates, guides and presets as well!


Is Foodtography School Worth It?


Foodtography School was the catalyst that grew my hobby into a business. It was instrumental, to say the least, and my only regret is that I didn’t invest in myself sooner. When I think back to all of the time that I wasted scrolling the internet when I could have been making profit in my business, it honestly irks me. The thing is, you can find all of the information provided in the course for free SOMEWHERE, but Foodtography School puts it all together for you in a cohesive, easy-to-learn way that you just can’t get from Google and YouTube. For real, if you are looking to improve your food photography and are sick of wasting time troubleshooting on your own, give Foodtography School a try. Like anything else, I can’t promise results. However, I can tell you in all honesty that it drastically improved my skills.

I hope this Foodtography School review was helpful. If you have more questions about Foodtography School please don’t hesitate to reach out on Instagram @cashmereandcocktailsblog or via email



Full transparency: I’m a Foodtography School affiliate. However, I rarely agree to affiliate marketing and only do when I TRULY love the brand or product. I’ve turned down countless offers in the past from brands and so the fact that I’ve agreed to become an affiliate with Foodtography School says volumes. This Foodtography School review is 100% my honest opinion. If you do decide to give Foodtography School a try, you can use the code CASHMERE for an 15% off everything! (excluding bundles and payment plans)

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive commissions for purchases made through these links. However, please know that I only provide links to products that I love and truly recommend.

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