Bonlook Review

Fun fact: I’m fucking blind. Not like Ray Charles blind, but blind enough that I can’t read a stop sign unless I’m five feet away from it. I’ve chickened out of laser eye surgery more times than I like to admit and my eyes are dryer than the Sahara desert so contact lenses are worn sparsely (I have a not-so-funny story about contacts getting stuck to my eyeballs once but I’ll save that for another time). For these reasons, I mostly wear glasses and I’ll admit that they’ve kind of grown on me. The right eyewear can be a fashionable accessory. Hell, I have friends who even wear fake frames on occasion. The issue? Glasses are damn expensive. With a prescription, a pair can easily run in the $500-$600 range or more. This is where Bonlook comes in. They totally cater to those like me who have champagne taste on a beer budget. I swear they are a game changer. The Canadian company design and sell their own eyewear and the lenses are fitted to your prescription by a certified optician. Their prices are unreal, guys. Bonus: Bonlook periodically has sales (sometimes up to 70% off) which makes their already affordable prices next level cray. It’s hard to believe that prescription eyewear priced lower than my usual Chinese takeout order is any good. But they are good. They are sooooo good. I ordered the Folk in Blond Tortoise and with prescription, taxes and shipping they came to a total of $54.00CAD (sale price). They’re light weight, look cute and most importantly the prescription was dead on. Will they stand the test of time? Too early to say, but honestly at that price who cares? Bottom line, if you’re looking for a pair of fun frames but don’t want to pay a hefty price, be sure to check them out. (For the record, Bonlook has NOT sponsored this post but if they ever wanted to throw a few free frames my way I’d happily post again about how fantastic I think they are. Haha. No but really; send me free stuff.)


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